a word on curling wands.

so guys. i need to confess something. i have difficult hair.
it resists being curled at all costs which is odd because i have sorta wavy hair. i guess technically it’s a weird not straight, not curly combination. so basically it just never looks good unless i invest a little time and product into it. lucky ME!

so anyways, i was at target the other day, or as i like to call it, the target. i was wandering around, not really shopping for anything in particular, just browsing as i tend to do. (related sidenote: did you know that the absolute best time to browse the target is around 8:20 pm? because it is. minimal crowds, very few employees to lurk around, just a tip) that’s when i decided to make a pit-stop in the hair & beauty aisle. this is usually a dangerous decision, but i’d been mulling over a new hot roller purchase for awhile and figured why not?!

that’s when i spotted the curling wand. oh, wonderful curling wand. i know a few friends have curling wands, but i’ve never really gave one much thought. i originally thought i’d go with the john frieda wand, but then i found the remington option for the same price & it had a few more bells & whistles.

let me tell you something, this sucker was the best impulse buy i’ve made in awhile. it was only $29.99 & my hair has never looked better with big waves and curls! and the best part? they hold all. day. long. which with my hair was totally unheard of!!

Remington T|Studio Silk Ceramic
^that’s the link to the exact wand i purchased, but there were several options at the store.

and here we have an example of how awesome the wand works on my hair!

8am hair.

8am hair.

6:30pm hair!

6:30pm hair!

i highly recommend the curling wand to anyone looking for a little extra volume & curls!


valentine’s date adventure.

Since Valentine’s Day landed on a Thursday this year, Luke & I decided we would wait until the weekend to celebrate.

In theory, it was a great idea. We’re both busy with work, so it only made sense. Of course, the girly mode in me kicked in and as much as I tell myself it’s “just a day” and I didn’t really care one way or the other, I found myself feeling a little mopey on Valentine’s night because I hadn’t been able to see my guy.
As if on cue, he surprised me by showing up on my doorstep with a sweet smile and some beautiful flowers and treats.

valentine's orchids

valentine’s orchids

He’d already made my week with the sweet surprise so our adventure date on Saturday was a total bonus!

We decided to spend the day in Ann Arbor where we mindlessly wandered downtown and popped into the shops we liked the most.
There was one in particular I really enjoyed called 10 Thousand Villages…it is a fair trade shop that sells unique handmade items from around the world at a fair price and all of the employees there work as volunteers. I thought it was a really neat concept and I found a couple of interesting little pieces.

hand crafted mirror at 10 thousand villages

hand crafted mirror at 10 thousand villages

We enjoyed a couple drinks at a really pretty bar & restaurant…it was very eclectic and the decor was a sort of So-Cal meets Mexican restaurant vibe.

pinot grigio.

pinot grigio.

After our wanderings we relaxed at Starbucks for a bit while we waited for our reservations at the restaurant for dinner. We enjoyed our coffees and planned our future; writing goals and business plans for 2013.

making plans

making plans

Our evening ended with a fancy pants dinner at a really pretty restaurant called the Gandy Dancer. It’s located inside of an old train depot and runs right along the train tracks in Ann Arbor. The ambience and setting were so beautiful and everything was so fancy. (we don’t often go out to “fancy” restaurants, broke post-grad couple party of 2)
It was by far the best Valentine’s I’ve ever had and as always, our adventure was the best part of my week!

The Gandy Dancer

The Gandy Dancer





Ode to my Keurig

For Christmas, my lovely boyfriend got me a Keurig. Ok, so technically it’s actually a Mr. Coffee machine made for use WITH K-cups…but that’s not the point.
Guys, I kind of love it. A lot.
It’s so efficient and easy to use, not to mention it saves me a ton of time and money in the mornings; 2 things I’m usually lacking! Look, is it my fault the snooze button is so easy to hit?! That’s clearly a design flaw is all I’m saying…but I digress.

my keurig

red, beautiful, caffeine machine.

It’s so pretty & red! And I don’t know about anyone else, but I love me some red appliances. I have this whole color scheme set up for my future kitchen: red toaster, red KitchenAid mixer, & my cute red Keurig!

The best part about it, though? I save SO much money you guys! I buy 16 count K-cup packs for $10.99 and not to get all math-y on you or anything, but that adds up to about 68 cents a cup. 68 cents!! My usual Tim Horton’s or Starbucks stops cost me $3-4 a pop. Not to mention there are a glorious amount of choices you can use; I’m talking flavored coffees, hot chocolate, gourmet cappuccinos, and teas! I highly recommend this beauty to anyone looking for delicious drinks without the cafe price.

the story of us.

Image from Tumblr

Image from Tumblr


the boyfriend and i aren’t exactly what i’d call “traditional.”
we fell fast & hard for each other in a way i never had with any one person before. a lot of people find it strange how serious of a relationship we have after being together for “only” nine months, but to us, it’s as if we’ve known each other our whole lives.

we met through a mutual friend and i never thought i’d meet anyone interesting, let alone the man of my dreams, through any sort of blind date. pft. how wrong i was. my sorority sister & past roommate worked with him & thought having a bunch of us meet up at a bar would be a good chance to see if sparks would fly so to speak.
screaming over the blaring speakers, we got to know each other a little, and that sneak tricked me into giving him my number. by the end of the night, he was asking me to a movie the next evening.

after seeing the movie, we went on a few more dates & that was all it took. we’ve been crazy about each other since.

he encourages me, cheers me on, loves me in spite of my many flaws & believes in my dreams. he has helped me rediscover my faith in god, something i had been lacking in my life, and finds a way to always put a positive spin on any situation. we’ve talked about marriage a lot in our relationship; from the beginning we made it clear to one another we weren’t just dating to date, we want a commitment because we are investing our hearts. it is surreal to me that this man is mine to love & cherish & soon enough marry. who would have thought that the stranger in a blue v-neck on that friday night in may would change my life forever?

he is the calm to my crazy. i am forever grateful to kayla for her match-making skills.



on christmas & beards.

so christmas happened. it was pretty rad, i must say.
i’ve started this new thing the past few years where i don’t really ask for much of anything specific, that way everything i end up with is a major surprise! besides, i don’t think it would do much good to ask people for a new car and to pay off my student loans, right?

i was spoiled by my family and boyfriend with lots of great gifts, but more importantly, i got to GIVE a lot of (in my opinion) sweet gifts too! i may have broke the bank a liiiittle too much, but it was worth it seeing their excited expressions when they opened everything.

This year I spent some time with Luke’s side of the family as well. I’ve never been so welcomed and included into a family as I am with them…it’s a great feeling! I enjoyed getting to know some of his family more and just hang out with everyone.

and about those beards. it has recently come to my attention that i have a serious thing for beards. or the man attached to the beard. my man in fact. he has the beardliest beard, equal parts scruff and refined. since it’s gotten cold, i’ve been really digging on his facial scruffs. i was never much for beards and hair and just all that extra nonsense, but let me tell you, that scruffly look makes me swooooon.

and for your viewing pleasure some photos…


My Kuerig from Luke!

“A few of Luke’s favorite things…” present
Christmas Brunch!
Oh that beard, swoooon.

i hope that you all enjoyed your christmas and holiday festivities as much as i enjoyed mine. and for the love of pete, find yourself a beard to swoon over! or men, grow yourself a swoon-worthy beard!

a summer farewell

Roomie night outGraduation day 2012Birthday Tiger's game!Best friend beach dayyum!ok, so yes, it’s october, i know. let’s just pretend i made this post a month and a half ago like i’d originally intended. this whole blogging thing is a learning process you guys. but that’s beside the point…i’d like to think of this post as my summer in review, a farewell (an ode? nah) to the summer that was, arguably, the best one yet!

in all of my 22 summers that i’ve lived, summer 2012, you really blew ’em all out of the water.
this was the summer i made some big life choices, met a few life-changing people, and really got to do nearly all of the things on my “summer check list.” that’s saying a lot, i usually don’t even get to half the things on my summer lists…perhaps i should reevaluate the loftiness of my summer goals.

i graduated from college. i met the man i’ve waited my entire life to meet. i sat in the 14th row at a tiger’s game, practically close enough to see touch! i went to the beach and on a boat. i went on adventures. and most of all, i had a whole lot of fun.

so here’s to you summer ’12, it’s been real, can’t wait to see what 2013 has for me!


welp, i’ve been graduated for about 3 weeks now and so far, i’m really not quite sure how i feel about all of this.
i already knew that i wasn’t going to have a job handed to me…in this economy and being fresh out of college, i’m perfectly aware of the fact that i need to find a job in order to gain more experience within my field(s). the whole problem with that is finding a job that will hire you and give you the chance to gain more experience! quite an adventure i tell ya!

since my current job isn’t giving me more hours, i find myself spending a lot of time constantly editing and reviewing my resume, scouring the lovely interwebs for jobs that look appealing and may want to maybe hire me, eating cereal, and watching mad men. what can i say? i am leading the life, let me tell you internet peoples! but in all honesty, i really just want (and need!) to find a full-time job. for my sanity and bank account’s sake. and also so i can just stop feeling like such a lame-o.

in other areas things are really quite awesome. i’ve met a lot of new people recently and had some great opportunities come my way. i guess i’m starting to find that everything has a way of working itself out and that, as corny as it may seem, good things do come to those who wait. so i guess if i keep waiting-and find a way to be patient, which is a difficult one for me-then this whole post-grad job stuff will happen to? let’s go with YES.

thoughts on a graduation eve.

so. tomorrow is commencement.
as in, as of tomorrow, i will be graduating. from college. with a bachelor’s degree. yeah…commence deep breathing.

it’s not so much tomorrow that i’m scared of, it’s what comes next. because to be perfectly honest, i have no idea what comes next.
i have this degree now and i’ve learned some things…honestly not nearly as much as i feel i should have, but what do i do? where do i go from here??
the world is big and challenging and i’m already discovering how difficult job searching is.

the thing is, they make it seem like graduation happens and then BAM everything falls into place, when really, this is just the beginning of it all.
the real work begins now. after tomorrow, i will be an alumna of a university. as of tomorrow i will be taking those next few steps towards the rest of my life. i just need to figure out which direction those steps should be in.
and i’d say that begins with not laying on my couch watching movies all day, huh?

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” – F.D.R.